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Our Products
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Pro-League [KW-101]
HRS Pro-League [KW-101]
The HRS Pro League Cricket Bat is made from finely selected first grade top-of-the line Kashmir Willow and fitted with a top grade nine piece unique interlock superior cane handle that redefines jerk free performance and provides excellent shock absorption. A master piece developed by HRS, the Pro League is a revolutionary cricket bat that enhances the sporting skill of the batsmen and provides an exceptional pick-up & feel with the uniformly balanced fully pro-scooped back with a meaty sweet spot and thicker edges, shoulder and toe. Experience the abundance power with a lighter pick-up, better concentrated driving force and increased durability with this pro bat to succeed in today’s demanding game of cricket.
HRS Power Drive [KW-102]
The HRS Power Drive Cricket Bat is a beautifully balanced multi-scoop cricket bat with a huge sweet spot, light pick up and an abundance of power. A revolutionary innovation adding to the world famous “scoop” family. The HRS Power Drive Cricket Bat is made from the first class naturally air-dried unbleached Kashmir Willow. The unique six scoop design takes the exact amount of wood from the cricket bat making it lighter and beautifully balancing it without losing the feeling of “Power at your fingertips”. It is fitted with a premium quality nine-piece “Power Drive” cane handle that gives increased strength & shock absorption.
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Power Drive [KW-102]
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Jumbo [KW-103]
HRS Jumbo [KW-103]
The HRS Jumbo Cricket Bat is a true jumbo profile bat made from the finest selected top-of-the-line Kashmir Willow for the smashing hitters. Experience the explosive power built into every Jumbo traditionally shaped and styled in our HRS pro-arc shape by our expert workmen with unique contoured edges and an extra punch at the sweet spot. It comes fitted with the finest top grade nine-piece cane handle for a zero jerk feel in your smashing performance. So go ahead and scare those deadly bowlers with this meaty bat that makes you a true “Jumbo”.
HRS Run Maker [KW-104]
The HRS Run Maker Cricket Bat is a bat designed for the big hitters who like to get some air under the ball and watch it fly. This Cricket Bat is a high class unbleached naturally seasoned Kashmir Willow Bat with an excellent hitting power matched with unparallel balance. A massive profile with durable, forgiving edges and wider sweet spot generating more and more runs with every play. It comes fitted with a finely selected cane handle for superior performance. The Run Maker Cricket Bat has everything that you need in a bat for putting those big runs on the score board so go ahead and start hitting.
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Run Maker [KW-104]
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Power Tech [KW-105]
HRS Power Tech [KW-105]
The HRS Power Tech Cricket Bat is a powerful huge profile bat with weight redistributing twin scoops for light pick-up and an enhanced sweet spot for excellent power play. This Cricket Bat is made from finely selected unbleached naturally seasoned Kashmir Willow, and is an excellent combination of balanced driving force and stroke play for that all round performance. The HRS Power Tech Cricket Bat is a classic member of the scoop family with expert and precise hand crafted grooved power technified at the striking zone of the bat and comes fitted with a powerful cane handle for jerk free performance.
HRS Boundary Maker [KW-106]
The HRS Boundary Maker Cricket Bat is made from selected grade unbleached and naturally seasoned Kashmir Willow fitted with a select grade nine-piece performance cane handle to make you feel free to hit those boundaries match after match. The Boundary Maker Cricket Bat is traditionally designed in our HRS pro-arc shape and has a bigger sweet spot with thick edges, thick shoulder, and thick toe. It completely justifies its name by delivering remarkable performance game after game. So go ahead and make those boundaries your regular regime.
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Boundary Maker [KW-106]
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS 100 UP [KW-107]
HRS 100 UP [KW-107]
The HRS 100-UP Cricket Bat is a performance bat designed to help you improve your game, by hitting those finer shots in the right direction and manner. Precisely selected and made from a performance grade unbleached and naturally dried Kashmir Willow. Fitted with a tested nine-piece cane handle, the 100 UP is a true “UP” cricket bat when it comes to its features, be it the punch of blade, the striking zone, the balanced feel and pick-up, the uniform shoulder, toe and edges or the driving force. A good choice for the amateurs to level up their performance game after game.
HRS Plus Power [KW-108]
The HRS Plus Power Cricket Bat is a medium level selected grade Kashmir Willow bat with a unbleached and naturally dried blade, finely pressed and knocked for that extra “Ping” and fitted with a  powerful nine-piece cane handle to provide that additional “+ power” feel. The powerful blade of this cricket bat is finely curved in our HRS pro-arc shape with a larger sweet spot for extra drive and massive hitting power along with unrivalled balance. Go ahead and plus your scores in every game with this power packed cricket bat.
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Plus Power [KW-108]
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Blaster [KW-109]
HRS Blaster [KW-109]
Always wondered to be a blaster at the pitch, always wondered to blast of those fast and furious bowlers, always wondered to play that blasting innings, here’s what you need, the HRS Blaster Cricket Bat. Made from a precisely selected choicest Kashmir Willow this cricket bat comes fitted with an expertly chosen nine-piece cane handle and is firmly balanced in our HRS pro-arc shape with meaty edges, shoulders and toe for playing that blasting knock with an ease of fine pick-up and tremendous driving power.
HRS 1000 [KW-110]
The HRS 1000 Cricket Bat is a good quality unbleached and naturally seasoned Kashmir Willow bat. Traditionally styled in our HRS pro-arc shape having large profile and massive sweet spot, the HRS 1000 is an exceptionally durable cricket bat. It comes fitted with select grade nine-piece cane handle and is a perfect combination of performance and durability. This bat is offered at an attractive price and justifies true value for money.
Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat HRS Gold [KW-111]
HRS Gold [KW-111]
The HRS Gold Cricket Bat is a budget price naturally seasoned unbleached Kashmir Willow bat with nine-piece cane handle. This Cricket Bat is a proud member of our classic range bats and has been winning matches since more than three decades now. It is an excellent value classical shaped cricket bat in our pro-arc blade individually hand crafted by our senior bat maker to continue that classic performance it has been delivering with its high standard profile. So go ahead and own one of this classics at most reasonable price.
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